Rent reviews and lease renewals

A lease renewal can be a contentious time between you and your tenant. When looking to retain an occupier within your property on the best possible lease terms, KWB are well versed in critiquing the fine print and leading a successful negotiation process, on behalf of our clients.

Commercial property leases are very often complex in nature and can cause conflict between landlord and tenant over interpretation of the terms and in particular when reviewing the rent or agreeing new terms at the expiry of the lease.

We give sound, well informed advice based on up to date market values and our knowledge of the relevant legislation. We work closely with our agency team and you can be sure of an unbiased and impartial opinion as to where you stand.

We will advise on the best strategy to be adopted, ensuring that notices are served correctly right through to final negotiations and liaison with their solicitors. We endeavour at all times to conclude negotiations in the most time and cost effective way possible.