Washroom and hygiene services

The cleanliness of your washrooms and WC facilities is a key benchmark for your company and often a first impression for your visitors.

Our comprehensive set of hygiene services provides our clients with absolute assurance that the cleanliness you are providing your staff meets your code of conduct – reducing risk of the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Washroom cleaning

We offer deep cleaning of your WC and washroom areas to ensure they are always well presented. This includes toilet basins, urinals, sinks, pipes, ledges, edges, cubicles, tiles and sills as well as mopping of floors. In addition to upholding hygiene regulations, benefits include staff feeling more at ease in the workplace, and a more welcoming experience for visitors.

Washroom consumables

We are also able to provide you with all the consumables required for your washrooms. These include toilet rolls, hand wash, sanitary product bags and paper towels as well as replenishing automatic air freshening systems.

Feminine hygiene

Your responsibility as a company to provide excellent feminine hygiene facilities for your staff is a fundamental hygiene factor and a legal requirement. Our sanitary disposal service ensures that this element of your Health & Safety ‘Duty of Care’ is effectively fulfilled, in the most safe and efficient way.

Kitchen and breakout areas

An office kitchen receives high footfall throughout the day – with many foods being stored, reheated, eaten and disposed of. Maintaining a hygienic kitchen and breakout area is crucial in order to ensure a safe working environment – which is why we take it very seriously. We will clean all kitchen work surfaces, unit doors, edges, ledges, sinks, skirting as well as mopping of floors. We will also regularly clean out fridges and microwaves – using a safe, neutral detergent – and wash kitchen bins, inside and out, using a disinfectant, to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

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