KWB launches ‘Bike on Track’, cycling HS2 route in aid of local children’s charity, Woodlands Adventure

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The KWB team is set to take on cycling the length of the proposed HS2 route – stretching from Manchester to London – in aid of Woodlands Adventure, run by the Birmingham Boys & Girls Union. The May event, named Bike on Track, is being kick-started with a launch party at All Bar One on Newhall Street, Birmingham, at 1pm this Friday, April 8th 2016.

Bike on Track is the first in a series of KWB-run fundraising events in aid of Woodlands Adventure & Outdoor Learning. The charity’s work is focused on making the centre available and accessible to all children, with particular emphasis on disabled children and children with special needs, as well as those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

KWB Property Management Director, Mark Lenton, pictured right, who sits on the board of trustees for Birmingham Boys & Girls Union, said: “The BBGU has always struggled for funding and, whilst the camp is owned, the costs of equipment renewal, maintaining facilities and employment particularly, are extremely high. As a result, the revenue stream does not always cover the costs.

“Having the most up-to-date safety equipment and a healthy sized team of well-trained staff is of the utmost importance to achieve what we set out to do with Woodlands Adventure. The BBGU is comitted to maintaining its centre as ‘open to all’, catering for all requirements and needs, levelling the playing field  to allow people of all abilities.”

Bike on Track, sees KWB split into two teams, to take on the HS2 routes to Birmingham – with team members cycling north, from London and others cycling south, from Manchester. Together, the two challenges total 200+ miles and KWB intends to complete both routes to Birmingham between sunrise and sunset on May 8th 2016.

The team, pictured right, consists of John Bryce (KWB, Director), Nigel Tripp (KWB, Director), Mark Robinson (KWB, Director), Mark Lenton (KWB Property Management, Director), Andy Nuttall (KWB Property Management, Surveyor), Judith Williams (KWB Property Management, Surveyor), Jon Tedstone (KWB, Finance Director) and Martin Cook (KWB, Registered Valuer & Business Rates Specialist).

John Bryce said: “We’re excited to begin our fundraising efforts for Woodlands Adventure with a big event, centred on big ideas. We wanted to do something adventurous and outdoors, to echo some of the ideals that Woodlands Adventure embodies – we’re trying to practice what they preach.

“I would like to encourage our peers in the Birmingham corporate world to donate to the event. In doing so, they’ll be making a great contribution that will make a noticeable impact on a truly admirable local cause. That’s a big part of why we chose the HS2 route as the challenge – we know our audience. Generally speaking, the significance of the future HS2 on Birmingham’s economy is a language we all speak.”.

Those who are interested and wanting to know more about the event or become a sponsor, are invited to attend the launch party at All Bar One on Newhall Street in Birmingham city centre at 1pm this Friday, April 8th 2016 or visit

For more information on Bike on Track, please contact KWB on 0121 233 2330 or email or