Marketing your office space

Behind every successful office sale, development or letting is a comprehensive and integrated marketing campaign.

At KWB, we pride ourselves on our commitment to marketing and the detailed property marketing plans that we tailor to each project. Utilising our organic database and innovative new approaches, such as occupier research, bespoke databases, and Internet marketing, we will target the key decision makers with compelling messages. Combined with tried and tested techniques, we generate more live enquiries than any other independent commercial property specialists in the region.

24/7 access to the most up-to-date office occupier database in the Midlands, together with our continuous programme of telephone research, provides knowledge of lease expiries and break clauses, whilst proactively monitoring the marketplace to create opportunities.

Our web-based property database provides fast, easy access to property searching with full page features on each property.

Our investment in Internet marketing is further underlined by specific search engine optimisation for each development to provide high visibility to Google and drive Google searches to the property.

Once the enquiries are generated, we maximize the conversion rate of enquiry to viewing by developing meaningful relationships with occupiers to fully understand their requirements.