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Business rates on commercial property are usually one of the largest items of expenditure for a business occupier, after rent and wages.

This liability has exerted more pressure on businesses since the government abolished empty property business rates relief, particularly for owners of empty property. Rates mitigation is a viable method of reducing these rates and one we are well versed in facilitating, legitimately. We can provide various other help and advice on properties that are empty for long periods of time. Following the 2023 revaluation, 100% empty property relief still applies to commercial properties with a rateable value of under £2,900.

Whether a commercial property is occupied or vacant, it is crucial that business occupiers are properly advised as to their rates liability and whether any cost savings can be made. Business occupiers who act now can save money by using a business rates consultant to reduce rates and obtain a business rates rebate.

We can provide help and advice on:

The ‘valuation date’ on which the 2023 Rating list is compiled is 1st April 2021. It is important that your rates consultant has accurate, in-depth knowledge of the market sector at this time so that they can give you reliable advice and also put forward a compelling argument in their negotiations with the Valuation Office, in the event of an appeal. As leading independent property specialists in the Midlands commercial property sector, KWB has a wealth of first hand, reliable evidence at its disposal.

KWB provides impartial business rates advice with fees geared to savings for the client.

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