Search and acquisition services

At KWB we offer a professional search and acquisition service.

By addressing your requirement and researching potential office space solutions, we can save you money and take the stress and worry out of your office relocation, allowing you to remain focused on your business throughout.

As the Midlands’ leading independent firm of office property specialists, we are confident in our ability to secure the best transaction possible – whether this is through negotiating reduced rental levels, obtaining rent-free periods or capital contributions – or a combination of all three. As we work on an incentivised fee, based on savings, we are committed to achieving the best possible terms. Whilst these are the obvious wins in the search and acquisition process, our understanding of service charge contributions will also help you to avoid potential dilapidations minefields at your lease expiry.

As a hidden cost, service charges are often a contentious issue, especially in large multi-occupied office buildings. When acquiring office space we look at the total occupational costs, aware that future expense can be hidden in service charge expenditure. We will undertake a thorough survey of your potential office premises, asking questions about the building’s planned maintenance program to ensure that there are no surprises or major expenditure items in the near future. When refining your shortlist of office space solutions we will also take into account differing service charges, costing excluded items for ease of comparison.

Experience and expertise in the Midlands and Birmingham office market

With over 20 years experience in the commercial property sector, our search and acquisition team has established unrivalled market knowledge in the Midlands, as well as key commercial centres throughout the UK.

Benefitting from relationships with key property portfolio managers and office developers, we will ensure that an optimum property solution can be found – offering value for money and supporting the future needs of your business.

“We were extremely pleased with the transaction secured by KWB. By evaluating our requirement and assisting in our lease negotiations, they were able to achieve extraordinary favourable terms.”

Andrew Harrison – Vaisala Ltd