How will you occupy your office post lockdown?

As the Midlands leading independent office agency business, KWB have been working hard over the last few weeks to keep abreast of current developments and their impact on the regional office market.

KWB Workplace, the workplace consultancy arm of KWB, has been dealing with numerous requests for advice from clients, on how they should respond and adapt their existing office layouts into what may become ‘the new normal’.

Adrian Southall, Director of KWB Workplace says: “ We have been committed to interpret the various and often conflicting advice from news reports, media and marketing information received. We have found this often to be contradictory and without official endorsement or scientific foundation.

“On Monday afternoon, the government published their official guidance on the website. Over the course of this week, it has become apparent from the clients we are already in dialogue with, how many companies are unaware of these documents, and the useful information they contain.”

In the event that you have not already viewed the guidance, please click here.

Adrian has reviewed the advice, and believes employers should consider two fundamental questions.

Do they want to:

a)  Implement a temporary solution to make their office compliant on a short-term basis until restrictions are lifted?


b)  Completely re-think how their office operates?

“Neither route will be right or wrong for every business and each should consider carefully their own circumstances, future direction and what is right for them”, he says.

“In our capacity as independent workplace consultants, we have received many product marketing emails over the past weeks, each offering solutions to a perceived problem in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Some have been excellent, but others – in light of the official guidance now published – now appear somewhat inadequate, or extreme.”

Design trends over the last 10 years have, of course, redefined workplaces and the way they work. Introducing products which encourage team-working, communication and collaboration.

However, Adrian believes the work settings which have been created are, in many instances, contrary to the way in which we are told we must now work to be Covid-19 compliant.

“That is not to say that the initial advice was wrong, but many employers find themselves with the dilemma of what to do with these products and the space they currently occupy,” he says.

“We have seen suggestions these should be removed to make way for more desking, allowing greater spacing between each person. However the more responsible manufacturers are already working on the development of innovative solutions to adapt and re-purpose these items.

“Our advice, is that before companies reach for their cheque books, they should first answer the fundamental questions above. Think long and hard about which route they want to take, and how relevant any individual solution or product offering is for their particular business, circumstances and vision for the future.”

Adrian and his design team are already implementing solutions for existing clients in line with these guidelines. For more information, or assistance on implementing new working practices, please do not hesitate to contact him.

To contact Adrian, please call him on 0121 212 5985 or email him at

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