KWB Industrial agency launches for the West Midlands

Birmingham property consultancy, KWB Holdings Ltd, has bought 50% of industrial agency, KGA Chartered Surveyors, to create a new company, KWB Industrial Agency Ltd.

KWB welcomes a new director, Kenny Allan (pictured left), to the team (Nigel Tripp – centre, John Bryce – right) – purchasing 50% of his industrial agency, KGA. The new company, KWB Industrial Agency Ltd, will bolster the marketing of the industrial property portfolio that KGA brings with it – providing a wider range of services and opportunities to all current and future industrial clients.

KWB founding Director, John Bryce, said: “This is a watershed moment for KWB, and an opportunity-driven move. With the strength we have developed – both on the ground and online – and in Birmingham’s out-of-town office market in particular, the time seems right to now widen the spectrum of our agency work into the industrial, logistics and warehouse markets.

“The way we market properties will complement the industrial sector. The portfolio that KWB is taking on will benefit from our far-reaching online presence, the result of leading edge technology and our thorough, ongoing commitment to research criteria and SEO strategy.

KGA was started by Kenny Allan 8 years ago. During that time, Kenny developed a rich industrial portfolio that drew from key Midlands industrial areas such as Birmingham, Redditch, Walsall, Aldridge and locations throughout the West Midlands region.

Kenny Allan, pictured right, said: “Having worked at CBRE for over 8 years, I became motivated to set up KGA, as an independent. I wanted the autonomy to make decisions and provide a personal service, both of which can be difficult in a corporate structure. However, as it has grown, the company itself has demanded more of my time, which has meant less time for the day job of servicing the client.

“Joining another independent means that I can retain that freedom, but the support from KWB will allow me the time to utilise it. KWB is of a size that fosters integration and cross-selling within the office, as opposed to the segregation that often happens in a 150-strong office.

“In the past, we have referred requests for additional services, such as building surveying, property management and professional advice to KWB, as a preferred service provider. To now be part of the multidisciplinary practice, means that we will generate additional revenue through service opportunities that have gone untapped – until now.”

KWB Industrial’s work has begun in earnest, with the integration of KGA’s full industrial property portfolio into the KWB website, already complete, bringing more than 40 new properties online.

For more information on KWB Industrial or any of the industrial properties now in KWB’s portfolio, please contact or call 0121 233 2330.