KWB welcomes new member to KWB Industrial team

New KWB Industrial surveyor, Ben Voss Wood has joined the team this month. Relocating from Reading, Ben says he’s excited to work in such a critical location for UK industrial and warehouse property and land.

Ben comes to KWB from Reading office and industrial agency, Hicks Baker, where he joined shortly after graduating from John Moore University, Liverpool with a degree in ‘Real Estate Management & Business’.

Having been introduced to Midlands industrial property at a young age, Ben has grown up with an awareness of the region, the market and its processes, already known by many key players in the region’s investor, development and construction markets.

Ben joins the newly formed KWB Industrial, headed up by Director, Kenny Allan. Kenny Allan’s former industrial agency, KGA Chartered Surveyors was part-purchased by KWB Holdings to form KWB Industrial.

Ben, pictured top right, said: “I’m really happy to be working back in my home of the Midlands. Strategically, it is the most ideal place for industrial and warehouse property – the geography dictates it as the best place to establish a distribution hub.

“Coming to work for KWB is a great opportunity for me. It’s an ambitious, forward-thinking company – as someone starting their career, that’s exactly what I need. I have the ability, here, to influence any adjustments we make in approach, process and marketing, in accordance with the ever-developing marketplace – I don’t believe I would have that kind of voice in a larger company.

“The dynamic between the different companies of KWB Holdings is going to allow us to provide for a range of our clients’ needs, in-house – where we would otherwise pass on details to a recommended supplier. That’s something you wouldn’t necessarily see with other independent agencies and that’s aspirational, especially when those services are delivered with the personal and detailed style that people have come to expect from the name KWB. That ethos of cohesion and quality control, from this multi-disciplinary practice, is something I have great respect for, and look forward to being part of.”

KWB’s Kenny Allan, pictured bottom right, said: “We’re really pleased to bring Ben to the team, he has an excellent network of contacts within the region for someone of his age, and has clearly demonstrated the talent to match. It’s going to be exciting to see what he brings to the company and clients, over the coming months and years.”

For more information on KWB Industrial or any of the industrial properties in KWB’s portfolio, please contact or, or alternatively, call 0121 233 2330.