Poor office design and unused space costing Midlands organisations thousands

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Midlands’ organisations are wasting thousands of pounds on unneeded office space every year because their office design doesn’t reflect new flexible ways of working, according to KWB’s leading office move management expert, Adrian Southall.

Adrian, Director of KWB Workplace, the integrated office relocation, office design and fit-out consultancy arm of Birmingham commercial property agents KWB, says that new working trends are altering the needs of the workplace and its inhabitants.

“Trends such as BYOD (bring your own device), working from home, hot desking and cloud computing mean that offices now require less space per worker, but many occupiers have not made the necessary adjustments and are paying for excess office space.

“But with the help of a simple workspace review, office occupiers could cut back on annual property bills by accurately identifying their needs.

“A workspace review looks at total property costs paid and compares them to alternatives, so the best solution may be restructuring the existing office configuration and fit-out, relocating to new premises, or sub-letting excess space depending on any lease restrictions, but the important thing is to be aware of, and in control of, property costs.”

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As well as existing office space and worker needs, workspace reviews take into account future business plans and employee work practices and office trends, particularly in the occupiers’ business sector.

Adrian continued: “Flexibility on new working trends and factors such as office design, fit out and decoration which impact on the atmosphere of the office itself, have been proven to raise productivity and overall employee satisfaction. The result of this, in addition to identifying space cost savings, is finding it easier to attract, recruit and retain staff.”

According to KWB Workplace, triggers for workspace reviews can include: a company expanding or contracting, a lease expiry or break option, the building becoming obsolete for modern working practices, a restructuring or take-over, redevelopment, or the need to reduce property costs.

Adrian said: “Whatever the reason for a review, I would urge office occupiers to take action as part of their property strategy, as despite the financial savings and better utilisation of space a workspace review can bring, very few companies opt for one, meaning millions of pounds are being spent on unnecessary office space across the region each year.”

KWB Workplace works with commercial property landlords, developers and office occupiers as an independent consultancy on workspace reviews, office move management, office design and fit-out and as a project manager of all works to improve working environments. It also acquires office space in a uniquely comprehensive service.

Further information on workspace reviews and all other aspects of KWB Workplace’s service is available from Adrian Southall on 0121 233 2330 or email asouthall@kwbworkplace.com.