Office disposal and lease end negotiations

You may reach the conclusion that your current office space cannot meet your business needs or aspirations. When it comes to office moving, what follows could be daunting, particularly when it comes to dealing with your existing space, disposing of it if necessary and tying up all the loose ends.

See what to expect as our client.

Whether freehold or leasehold, we can assist with office disposal, or subletting. Our highly experienced office agency team will market existing space, or any unused space in new premises. We’ll apply the necessary marketing and negotiating skills, as well as our unique understanding of the market, in securing an occupier for the unwanted space.

Market and negotiate sale of space

If you’re looking to sell your existing space, to move into new office accommodation, we can take immediate action in marketing the property. Furthermore, the approach we take, in marketing and negotiating the disposal of your offices, aims to strike that ideal balance, between achieving the best price and terms for you, and avoiding any delays to the schedule.

Market and negotiate the subletting of space

If there is enough of an existing lease on the property you are vacating, we can take care of assigning, or subletting, the accommodation.

Equally, if the square footage of your new offices exceeds your current requirements, we can market and secure a subletting for the excess space.

Negotiate lease ends of existing space

Alternatively, if you’re reaching a lease end or break clause – we’ll assist you in tying up all the loose ends on leaving the existing space and terminating the lease.

We’ll negotiate the best agreement on dilapidations with your previous landlord. In addition, by utilising our building surveying team, we’ll build the likely value of dilapidations into all our office moving costings.

“KWB did a great job in finding us property that matched both our stringent budgets as well as our aspirations for a brighter and more modern workplace.”

Sharon Phillips – Head of Financial & Business Services – WMLGA