Reduce service charges

Service charges are a fundamental part of financial planning in both commercial property ownership and tenancy. As tenants, service charges form a considerable part of occupancy overhead costs, and impact on the overall affordability of a lease – we know it’s important that these charges are fair for all.

Finding a balance on these charges, which is desirable to both parties, can be complex, time consuming and contentious – but we can help. Achieving that balance often plays a significant role in choosing a property, as well as attaining and maintaining a good occupier/landlord relationship.

Our search & acquisition team can provide a review of service charge costs for occupiers. We do this to ensure that you are only paying for the elements you’re liable for, and that the rate of these charges are in line with those of the current marketplace.

Landlords should not pass charges relating to their commercial property that contractually fall under their own responsibility, through the service charge – at your expense. In some cases a landlord may be unwittingly doing this, but we analyse, with scrutiny, the breakdown of service charge costs to establish that a landlord is requesting monies that they have a right to – within the clauses of the lease.

On your behalf, KWB will go through the small print, line-by-line, and negotiate a legally, contractually compliant and mutually agreeable level of service charges with your landlord – through this process, we’ll save you money.