KWB daughter wins Thomson #NameOurPlane competition

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Amber Winters, 4 year-old daughter of Paul Winters, Head of KWB Corporate Cleaning, was chosen out of thousands of applicants, aged 4-11, to name a new Thomson Airways plane and win a family holiday to Mexico.

Amber entered the competition with the help of her parents. To enter, she was asked to submit a name suggestion for the plane and to give Thomson an idea on how they could improve the flight experience for children.

Amber submitted the name ‘Pixie Dust’ for Thomson’s new 787-9 Dreamliner. She also suggested that the plane should feature a reading area for children, complete with bean bags to sit on.

Amber was shortlisted as one of the 11 finalists and invited her family to London to visit Thomson on a special ’Ambassador Day’, where they explored the new plane with pilot, Stuart Gruber.

At the end of this fun day out, Amber was announced as the winner – with the plane receiving her suggested name and Thomson trialling her bean bag and book idea.

Paul Winters (pictured below right), proud dad and Head of KWB Corporate Cleaning, said: “My wife, Laura, and I are very proud of Amber with what she has achieved. It was all Amber’s own ideas, and their simplicity was very refreshing.”

The Winters family will be setting off to the Senatori Resort in Mexico in the February half term, where Amber will enjoy the spoils of her great work.

Amber, herself, said: “My favourite part of the day was meeting the cabin crew and Captain Stuart, as well as visiting the cockpit and getting to dress as a pilot. I’ve never been to Mexico – I can’t wait to spend time with my family there.”

Amber is now the first ever Child Ambassador for Thomson, and all this news has left KWB lost for words.

KWB Director, John Bryce, said: “When Paul informed us that Amber had won, we were amazed! That little girl has a bright future ahead of her, clearly a smart creative. With ideas like a bean bag breakout area for children, perhaps we should offer her a junior internship in office design and fit-out with KWB Workplace!

“It’s an amazing story that we felt worth sharing, particularly at this time of year. Paul and his wife have every reason to be immensely proud of what she has achieved.”

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