Charity abseil

On 27th September 2019, KWB hosted a charity abseil event that raised £22,327.50 in aid of Birmingham family bereavement charity, Edward’s Trust.

The local cause has been selected by KWB as its charity of choice for 2019 to 2021 and provides support for thousands of bereaved adults and youngsters every year.

Edward’s Trust, based in Edgbaston, helps families coming to terms with the passing of a parent or a child. The Trust offers therapies, respite care and other supportive services across the West Midlands.

Organised by Jo Spencer, KWB’s Office Manager, the abseil took place at Regal Property Group’s The Bank – a Birmingham residential scheme managed by KWB.

John Bryce, Director of KWB, said: “The charity abseil of The Bank definitely stands out as a highlight of 2019 and raised a great sum of money for the amazing Edward’s Trust. I’m very grateful to all that took part and those that helped make it happen – thank you, once again, for all your efforts.”

On the day

Sixty brave souls abseiled down Tower 1 of The Bank in torrential rain. Those taking part consisted of KWB team members, clients and suppliers, individuals connected to the Trust and even residents of The Bank itself.

The Tower comprises 189 apartments and comes in at almost 70 metres tall – higher than Niagara Falls – it was a long, long way down!

Jo Spencer said: “Given the weather, it looked – from the roof – as if they were abseiling down Niagara, and they were all tremendously brave.

“We had raised more than £8,000 before the day, but lots more came in over the weekend following the abseil. When all was said and done, we had over £22,000 in donations, which is fantastic. We’re incredibly proud of raising this significant sum of money for a charity that does such meaningful work.”

Want to know more?

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