Schedules of condition

In most cases prepared at the commencement of leases, Schedules of Condition provide a clear unequivocal record of the property, to avoid future disputes when assessing dilapidations claims.

Schedules of condition are a way of limiting repairing liabilities for both landlords and tenants. As a landlord, having one accurate schedule in place is a critical measure in protecting your investment – particularly when tenants take on short term leases. We can prepare Schedules of Condition for your property, as well as reviewing and agreeing schedules that have been prepared by others.

Most commercial leases require that a property be left in good repair, regardless of the condition it was at the start of the lease. However, in many circumstances, this would be considered unreasonable. By attaching to the lease an accurate record, in the form of a schedule of condition – that can be agreed by both parties – you can ensure that each other’s interests are protected.

This is not only good for your investment in a structural sense but, by having this in place for any future disputes, you can protect the relationship you have with your tenants – an important part of retaining occupiers, long term.

Schedules of Condition are also used to provide a record of a property, or elements of it, to enable damage to be identified when construction works are undertaken by neighbouring owners.