Tenant alterations

Tenant alterations should, where more than very minor additions, be recorded and agreed within a Licence for Alterations annexed to the lease documentation.

This enables the tenants’ reinstatement liabilities at the end of a lease to be known and assessed accurately, protecting both parties.

Unfortunately more often than not details of alterations attached to licences are inadequate, and a considerable amount of dilapidation disputes are reflected by this failure.

We carefully review tenant proposals at the draft licence stage and will ensure that accurate proposal drawings and specifications are provided, as well as ensuring that alterations will not adversely effective the investment value of the premises.

It is then important to monitor these works through to completion, ensuring a good standard of workmanship, and that where appropriate tenants have met their legal and contractual obligations by providing documentation such as warranties, mechanical and electrical test certification and Building Regulation Approvals. Our technical knowledge and experience of project managing many types of construction projects enables us to take a practical approach at the same time protecting your interests.