Lease break or lease expiry

If you have an office lease break or lease expiry approaching within the next six months to two years, depending on the size of your business, you need to act now to make savings on your occupational costs. We’ll reduce your office costs for free, because our fees are paid by the savings made.

KWB has assisted a substantial number of businesses to relocate or restructure their office leases, which has resulted in enormous savings via huge rent-free periods or reverse premiums.

In addition, by utilising KWB Workplace’s office space design team, we can accurately calculate an occupier’s precise requirements for office space so that they are sized properly for the accommodation they seek. This exercise has again saved clients substantial sums of money and takes account of anticipated growth or consolidation.

Cost neutral office moves

Clients frequently seek to relocate their offices at no cost, with dilapidations and fit-out taken into consideration. KWB’s office space acquisition team, time and time again, proves how this can be achieved at no cost to the occupier. Flexible lease terms are also an important feature of an incoming tenant’s requirements, with caps on service charge and dilapidations included within the negotiations.