A Cycle Challenge of the HS2 Route

London – Birmingham – Manchester

One team, 8 pairs of legs and a bicycle

Bike on Track is the first in a series of KWB-run fundraising events in aid of the Birmingham Boys & Girls Union centre, Woodlands Adventure & Outdoor Learning. The charity’s work is focused on making the centre available and accessible to all children, with particular emphasis on disabled children and children with additional needs, as well as those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The sponsorship-based fundraising event, Bike on Track, sees KWB split into two teams, to take on the HS2 routes to Birmingham – with team members cycling north, from London and others cycling south, from Manchester. Together, the two challenges total 200+ miles. KWB intends to complete the two routes to Birmingham, between sunrise and sunset on May 8th 2016. Please call 0121 233 2330 to pledge your sponsorship in support of the event.

Bike on Track’s route is a nod to the future HS2, high speed rail line – linking Birmingham to London and Manchester. This has been chosen by KWB in acknowledgement of its impact on the city of Birmingham, and the potential it brings to the region. Although the Bike on Track routes cannot take the exact path of the proposed train line, every effort will be made to ensure the route adheres to it – as much as suitable roads will allow.

KWB Director, John Bryce said “We’re excited to begin our fundraising efforts with a big event, centred on big ideas. We wanted to do something adventurous and outdoors, to echo some of the ideals that Woodlands Adventure embodies – we’re trying to practice what they preach. Bike on Track will see us each cycle the length of a marathon – 2016 is an Olympic year and HS2 is the biggest national infrastructure project for the country since London 2012.

“We hope to make significant steps towards our fundraising target with Bike on Track, and we’re predominantly reaching out to those in the property sector and related industries to pledge their support. That’s a big part of why we chose the HS2 route as the challenge – we know our audience. Generally speaking, the significance of the future HS2 on Birmingham’s economy is a language we all speak – it’s part of the engine that is helping drive the redevelopment of the city and the region.”

The Bike on Track teams will endeavour to make their journeys by cycling in relay – with shifts of roughly 25 miles. Starting at 6am on Sunday, 8th May 2016, teams will journey from London and Manchester to the site of the future Birmingham terminal for the proposed HS2 line, Curzon Station.

For more information on Bike on Track, please call 0121 233 2330 or email mlenton@kwboffice.com.

To make a donation and support Birmingham Boys & Girls Union, and Woodlands Adventure, click here