Meet the team

By weekday, these men and women are suited and booted, fulfilling the office space needs of the West Midlands. By weekend, and the occasional school night – when they can fit it in and there’s nothing good on TV – they are their lycra-clad, pedalling alter egos.

Our team of intrepid, would-be cyclists is undergoing months of gruelling, occasional training sessions, in order to complete these epic journeys in the quest to raise money for the Birmingham Boys & Girls Union charity – Woodlands Adventure.

John Bryce

Nickname: Brycicle, Brycicle

Height: 6 ft nutin’

Bike: Old and made of steel, or is that rust, much like its owner.

Motto: Life and cycling are very similar; going downhill can feel great, it’s knowing you’ve got to get back up the other side!

Experience: Ability to ride a bike backwards.

Training regime and diet: Must get round to those.

Why Woodlands: Great bunch of people making a difference to kids from all backgrounds.

Nigel Tripp

Nickname: Sir

Height: On a Monday morning, 5ft 11”, rising to 6ft 2” by Friday night.

Bike: As featured on The Hair Bear Bunch.

Motto: When the going gets tough – stop.

Previous cycling experience: Scientists could have cloned me many times over from the skin samples I left on the corner of Allesley Close and Earlswood Drive when I was 12. I learned the hard way that a Barry Sheene style corner just wasn’t possible on a bike. Not cycled since.

Training regime and diet: Training – still at the planning stage. Diet – never tried.

Why Woodlands: I think it’s important for children of all capabilities and backgrounds to have the opportunity to socialise and challenge themselves in the great outdoors.

Mark Robinson

Nickname: The Round Robin

Height: 6ft 1”

Bike: It’s a red one, they go fastest.

Motto: Life is better enjoyed by bike!

Previous cycling experience: Countless sportives, Etape du Tour (x3), La Marmotte

Training regime and diet: A mixture of the Turbo Trainer and rowing machine, and nothing but carbs – pasta and chocolate!

Why Woodlands: I worry that children are becoming more introverted with their phones and being caught up with Social Media. Woodlands is a great camp to instil team building and bonding in a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere – for all.

Mark “Boardman” Lenton

Nickname: The Pocket Rocket

Height: 5ft 11.5”

Bike: 3 wheeler

Motto: “Can someone give me a push…”

Previous cycling experience: I once cycled to school 32 years ago.

Training regime and diet: Daily sprint to All Bar One and back.

Why Woodlands: I am proud to have worked with the charity for over 20 years – to now bring KWB onboard and make the Woodlands centre the most sustainable it’s ever been is really exciting.

Andy Nuttall

Nickname: ‘andy man

Height: 6 ft 2”

Bike: Ducati

Motto: Only 9 points on the cycle licence

Previous cycling experience: Some mountain biking many years ago.

Training regime and diet: Jogging, biking, and surfing. Less takeaways and more subways.

Why Woodlands: I live locally, so I’m well aware of the great facilities and opportunities that children have on their doorstep. A local church charity I’m involved in is now looking to start using the Woodland facilities – so it’s great to have the opportunity to support the organisation and give back.

Jon Tedstone

Nickname: Mr T

Height: 5ft 10”

Bike: Boardman Comp FT 650B

Motto: Live for today

Previous cycling experience: None recently, although as a child I broke my arm and fractured my ankle on my mountain bike!

Training regime and diet: Training: huh? Diet: Drink wine instead of beer and have half chips / half rice instead of a full portion of chips!

Why Woodlands: I used to go on as many adventure camps / holidays as I could. It nurtured my ability to work well in a team and allowed me to take part in activities and learn skills that weren’t normally available. I believe that all children should have the same opportunities – Woodlands tries to make that happen for children from all walks of life.

Martin Cook

Nickname: Cookie / Ready, Steady

Height: 5ft 11’’

Bike: Raleigh Chopper.

Motto: Life in the Slow Lane.

Previous cycling experience: ET Adventure Ride, Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida.

Training regime and diet: Altitude training on Barr Beacon. Pickled onions.

Why Woodlands: All of my children have been to Woodlands on school activity trips and they thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to see Woodlands remain an excellent centre – available to all – for generations to come.

Judith Williams

Nickname: They call me the “Bicycle Belle”

Height: A perfectly formed, 5ft 2”. Those 2” are very, very important!

Bike: Giant Liv Alight (hybrid) – I’d rather be on a horse, if it weren’t for the mileage!   

Motto: Keep on going. Tomorrow is another day.

Previous cycling experience: Family rides on mountain bike trails – lots of screaming involved.

Training regime and diet: Includes my weekly tap dancing. I did 12 miles at the weekend with the family, took a large coffee and cake(s) to get me through – that could be the day with the kids though.

Why Woodlands: Getting out in the fresh air is one of the best things you can do – taking part in exhilarating activities that are outside your comfort zone helps to  improve self-confidence. Woodlands gives all children the chance to do this and appreciate ‘the great outdoors’ – a truly admirable thing.

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