Empty business rates

When the business rates relief on empty commercial property changed in April 2008, it caused a particular burden to many companies that, from time to time, have empty commercial property.

You will be exempt from paying business rates on empty commercial property for three months after the property becomes vacant. There are also additional exemptions for certain types of property or for properties under a set rateable value:

  • Industrial premises, such as warehouses, are exempt for a further three months
  • Listed buildings are exempt until they become occupied again
  • All newly built commercial property, completed between 1st October 2013 and 30 September 2016 is exempt from empty property rates for the first 18 months, up to the state aids limit and subject to consultation
  • Buildings with a rateable value under £2,600 are exempt until they become occupied again
  • Properties owned by charities are exempt if the property’s next use is likely to be wholly or mainly for charitable purposes
  • Community amateur sports club buildings are exempt if their next use is likely to be wholly or mainly for a sports club

However, after the exemption period ends, you will be liable for the full business rates bill.

We can give advice on empty business rates relief available and strategies for reducing your liability – see our business rates mitigation schemes.

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