Additional cleaning services

Aside from daily and weekly cleaning routines, we can provide you with additional services to fulfil your obligations both as an employer and an occupier/tenant.

External window cleaning

Our excellent window cleaning team utilises the best techniques and equipment available – to minimise disruption to your business and ensure a high quality finish. Our uniformed, qualified technicians use a water-fed ‘reach and wash’ pole system for accessing windows on floors above ground level. This means that no ladders are involved – delivering a safer, less invasive window cleaning service than those that use traditional methods.

Deep clean services

Our deep clean service is ideal for emergency incidents and end-of-lease cleans, helping you fulfil your schedule of condition obligations.

Carpet cleaning

Though not a frequent requirement, carpet cleaning helps preserve an expensive element of the office environment. A carpet clean is an ideal addition to our deep clean service when you look to restore the office space to a state that is in accordance with your schedules of condition.After this is complete we can also provide a barrier matting service – putting in place mats at main access doorways, this can reduce maintenance costs to carpeted areas. These mats can be hired or purchased outright and tailored to your branding – improving the appearance of floors at entries and reinforcing your corporate identity.

Pest control

When your workplace is home to an infestation, it needs to be dealt with quickly, effectively – and ideally, humanely. At our disposal, 7 days a week, are technicians around the country that can respond to your issue. The same local technician will see your pest control problem through from start to finish. We can deal with rodent, mammal, insect and bird infestations, with our adaptable service. You are protected throughout, as all of these works are insured and guaranteed.

Gritting and snow clearance

It’s vital to make sure that your footpaths, car parks and access roads are safe when the temperatures fall to freezing or below, or when there is snowfall. Snow and ice can cause massive disruption to any site, with potential for both financial loss and injury to staff and visitors. It is essential that this is managed and controlled, and we can reduce that risk for you with our gritting and snow clearance services.

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