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School cleaning

Consistently clean and healthy educational environments that keep everyone safe.

You value flexibility, adaptability and communication in your school cleaning. We ensure peace of mind with our extensive experience in commercial cleaning, diligence and quality of management.

For school cleaning we vacuum all internal floor areas including carpets and hard floors in classrooms, kitchens and cafeterias, offices, receptions and staff rooms, hallways, gymnasiums, stairs and lifts. We take a very thorough approach, always moving obstacles, such as chairs where possible, to effectively clean working areas.

As dust allergies and asthma are both common, minimising dust is a crucial aspect of safety in schools. Our wet dusting technique reduces airborne dust, as we wipe down desks, skirting boards, edges, ledges, sills, pipework, tables, sideboards and fire extinguishers. We also offer high level dusting, which includes the dusting of high level walls, artwork, light fittings, frames and removal of any cobwebs.

Our deep cleaning of your WC and washroom areas ensures they are always well presented and safe, upholding hygiene regulations and your duty of care. This includes toilet basins, urinals, sinks, pipes, ledges, edges, cubicles, tiles and sills, as well as mopping of floors. This service will leave young people, their parents and your team feeling at ease.

We’ll manage your school’s waste and recycling, by routinely disposing of them at your designated waste and recycling area. Ensuring your waste is properly recycled helps us deliver on both our sustainability promises, and yours.

School cleaning built around your needs

We’ll create a tailored school cleaning solution that will deliver results in your classrooms, kitchens and cafeterias, offices, receptions and staff rooms, hallways, gymnasiums, stairs and lifts.

We take the time to fully survey each site, supply bespoke documentation and provide innovative ideas for a high quality and cost-effective service.

School cleaning equipment

Safe cleaning for young people

Safety and safeguarding are our priorities, first and foremost. We offer a highly effective school cleaning service geared towards providing a clean and safe environment for young people.

Our choice and use of cleaning products is integral to protecting their welfare. At every opportunity, we avoid known skin irritants or products understood to aggravate chronic conditions, such as asthma.

Each of KWB Corporate Cleaning’s school cleaning cleaners has passed an Enhanced DBS check – regardless of whether cleaning takes place when young people are present at the school.

School Cleaning, example of desked cleaning

Empowering school cleaning teams

We understand common concerns of incumbent cleaning staff and work with them to find resolutions quickly. We provide them with excellent management structure, effective cleaning methods and appropriate equipment that will bring the quality of your school cleaning service in line with your expectations.

With our many years of experience in dealing with TUPE and Admitted Body status, we plan accordingly using our mobilisation process to ensure a smooth transition of all services.

School Cleaning staff being briefed

"KWB is the best choice for school cleaning. They provide a brilliant service and make my job much easier. Communication is very good and, if I need something, they respond quickly with the contract manager arriving as soon as possible."

Michal Pastornicky, Site Manager, Elms Farm Primary School

"KWB Corporate Cleaning understands our ethos. They are respectful and pleasant to everyone in the school, student or staff member and cared about our existing cleaners when taking them on. Their approach made a big difference and we have happy cleaners!"

Fiona Hall, School Business Manager, Forestdale Primary School

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