Office cleaning

A clean and tidy workspace is a priority for good Health & Safety, makes an excellent first impression to visitors and contributes to positive staff morale. To ensure that your offices are always well presented, we will provide office cleaning, clean office furniture, boardrooms, meeting rooms, interior glass partitions, interior side of windows, pedestal units and office equipment, including printers and photocopiers.


We can vacuum all internal floor areas including carpets and hard floors in offices, reception, hallways, stairs and lifts. We take a very thorough approach, always moving pedestals where possible, to effectively clean working areas.

Dusting (including high level)

Dusting is an important facet of a comprehensive cleaning service. As dust allergies and asthma are both common, minimising dust in the workplace greatly reduces the risk of harmful reactions, for both staff and visitors. We offer a dusting service that – in addition to vacuuming – can effectively reduce dust throughout the workplace.

Using a wet dusting technique – where possible – to minimise airborne dust, we’ll wipe desks, skirting boards, edges, ledges, sills, pipework, tables, sideboards and fire extinguishers. We also offer high level dusting, which includes the dusting of high level walls, artwork, light fittings, frames and removal of any cobwebs.

Telephone sanitising

Due to the nature of using telephones, we pay special attention to the cleaning of them, using a steriliser with bactericides and perfume to remove germs from telephone handsets and maintain a hygienic working environment, down to individual workstations.

Waste handling

We’ll manage your office, kitchen and meeting room waste and recycling, by routinely disposing of them at your designated waste and recycling area.

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