Health & safety

The safety of both our team and yours is at the forefront of our operations.

We ensure that all safety elements have been fully understood by our staff before they carry out any work. Although cleaning will usually take place when your team is not present, this training ensures that your workplace remains a safe environment – throughout and after cleaning.

ISO 45001

We are proud to have an ISO 45001, recognising our management of health and safety. To comply with the ISO 45001 accreditation, we regularly update our health and safety policies according to latest legislation, conduct regular staff training and site audits, and encourage client feedback.

Before any work commences, all sites are risk assessed and COSSH data supplied.

Cleaning substance control

Certain surfaces and areas of a building require harsher chemicals and we handle these liquids with respect and with an understanding of their chemical properties. We ensure these are clearly differentiated and never combined – to ensure a safe working environment for all.

We educate our staff on the safe use of all of the chemicals they are required to use to clean your workspace, whilst also providing them with the appropriate safety equipment and workwear to handle these substances.

Machinery use

We set out clear guidelines to be followed each time it is used – this ensures that it is operated safely, and that the area is safe for cleaning.

These preventative measures are in place to avoid damage to the workplace and injuries to our cleaning staff or any other personnel on site.

Manual handling

The health of our team is incredibly important to us. Should any heavy lifting be required while they are working, they apply the manual handling training they have received from us.

Our training includes assessing the size and weight of an object that requires lifting, the appropriate number of people to lift that object and the correct way to lift it – minimising risk of injury.

Wet floor and warning sign usage

The use of wet floor and warning signs are a very important part of making sure the environment that is being cleaned remains safe throughout, for all users.

We place warning signs at all entry and exit points of an area that is being worked on, with a mop, vacuum or burnisher.

"We've been delighted with the overall cleaning service KWB Corporate Cleaning has provided. All KWB employees are very polite, friendly and nothing is too much trouble. They constantly ensure the highest standards of cleaning and regularly monitor performance."

Jane Moore

"They understand school budgets and how to meet our cleaning needs. We were impressed by KWB's tendering process and ability to save money. The contract runs really smoothly, and the team are responsive and committed to high cleaning standards."

Carl Glasgow, Executive Head Teacher

We ensure that CREATE Fertility provides the highest level of hygiene to its visitors and teams, through a bespoke daily cleaning programme. Excellent communication is critical in this relationship, to support their needs and continually meet the necessary standards.

"KWB Corporate Cleaning has worked hard to ensure that the high expectations we have for the cleanliness of our sites are consistently met. Their professionalism and reliability led us to subsequently award them instructions on all our sites under a national contract."

Richard Johnson, Operations Director

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