Cleaning safety

Safety of both our staff and yours is at the forefront of our operations. We ensure that all safety elements have been fully understood by our staff before they carry out any work. Although cleaning will usually take place when your staff are not present, this training ensures that your workplace remains a safe environment – throughout and after cleaning.

Cleaning substance control

Much like the home, the working environment consists of many surfaces. Certain surfaces and areas of a building require harsher chemicals than others – in order for the cleaning of them to be effective.

It is important that cleaning liquids are handled with respect and with an understanding of their chemical properties, as well as being clearly differentiated and never combined – to avoid creating corrosive fluids or harmful fumes.

We educate our staff on the safe use of all of the chemicals they are required to use to clean your workspace, whilst also providing them with the appropriate safety equipment to handle the substances. Furthermore, our colour coded system ensures that chemicals are only used to clean specific, clearly stated areas – so that these chemicals are never used on the wrong surface and never come into contact with each other.

Machinery use

The primary piece of machinery that our staff are required to use is the vacuum. We set out clear guidelines to be followed before each use of this piece of machinery – this ensures that it is safe for use, and that the area is safe for cleaning. These preventative measures are in place to avoid damage to the workplace and injuries to our cleaning staff or any other personnel on site.

Manual handling

The health of our staff is incredibly important to us. Should any heavy lifting be required while they are working, they apply the manual handling training they have received from us. This training includes assessing the size and weight of an object that requires lifting, the appropriate number of people to lift that object and the correct way to lift it – minimising risk of injury.

Wet floor and warning sign usage

The use of wet floor and warning signs are a very important part of making sure the environment that is being cleaned remains safe, throughout, for all users. We place warning signs at all entry and exit points of an area that is being worked on, with a mop, vacuum or burnisher.

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