Delivering a high quality service through excellent cleaning, management and communication.

Quality control

The quality of our service is of vital importance to us. It is how we have crafted our reputation and developed long-term customer relationships. We deliver a consistent service, irrespective of location, creating brand value and a lasting competitive advantage for both our business and yours.

Performance tracking, via our auditing platform, ensures that consistently high levels of service are delivered. We monitor not only the performance of our cleaning operatives but also of our managers. In addition to site inspections, all information submitted to the KWB helpdesk is reviewed and assessed.

Specifying and monitoring

We take a transparent approach to detailing and adhering to quality of cleaning. You will receive a site file for the building, detailing the specification and tasks required in order to uphold the standard of cleanliness we agree with you.

Site staff are then visited routinely by the Contracts Manager as part of the inspection process unless performance monitoring requires a higher frequency of visit.

How we audit

We use KWB auditing methods to score agreed targets and give weighting to key areas. Results are then discussed with you and fed back to the cleaning operative responsible for your site. This audit will take place monthly, at times and dates set in advance, to review aspects such as standard of cleaning, specification, equipment checks, health and safety and appearance of staff

These non-intrusive, strategic checks ensure thorough examination of the cleanliness of the workplace and provide an opportunity for us to discuss the service and its results.

"We've been delighted with the overall cleaning service KWB Corporate Cleaning has provided. All KWB employees are very polite, friendly and nothing is too much trouble. They constantly ensure the highest standards of cleaning and regularly monitor performance."

Jane Moore

"They understand school budgets and how to meet our cleaning needs. We were impressed by KWB's tendering process and ability to save money. The contract runs really smoothly, and the team are responsive and committed to high cleaning standards."

Carl Glasgow, Executive Head Teacher

We ensure that CREATE Fertility provides the highest level of hygiene to its visitors and teams, through a bespoke daily cleaning programme. Excellent communication is critical in this relationship, to support their needs and continually meet the necessary standards.

"KWB Corporate Cleaning has worked hard to ensure that the high expectations we have for the cleanliness of our sites are consistently met. Their professionalism and reliability led us to subsequently award them instructions on all our sites under a national contract."

Richard Johnson, Operations Director

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