We provide our staff with in-depth training on all the facets of their job. Many are already experienced in the industry, having received training from previous employers. In addition, we will take them through the process and teach them our own methods, which have been developed by our team who have over 55 years of experience.

Through this experience we have honed a set of services that surpasses occupier expectations. On a fundamental level, it is the effective and thorough training of our staff that leads to the excellent results that we see on our client satisfaction surveys – time and time again.

Health & Safety

In this line of work, health and safety forms a mandatory and substantial part of the training process. We must ensure that all that we do is at minimal risk to your staff and ours.

Proactive auditing

Training is an ongoing process. We regularly audit the service we are providing and, if we find that our staff would benefit from additional follow-up training, we’ll provide that – maintaining the high standards and efficiency of the work done.

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“KWB Corporate Cleaning has worked hard to ensure that the high expectations we have for the cleanliness of our sites are consistently met. We noticed an immediate improvement in service after appointing them, and we’re confident that their performance auditing will continue to ensure high quality results. Their professionalism and reliability led us to subsequently award them instructions on all our sites under a national contract.”

Richard Johnson, Operations Director, UBCUK

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